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If you’ve stumbled across this blog, there’s a good chance you’ve already read about our team and seen the work that we can do – impactful creative, strategic marketing, and everything in between.

But in this first blog post, we wanted to give you a deeper look at what Residual Studios is all about.

Who are we?

Residual Studios is a small, start-up creative and marketing agency that finds innovative ways to grow your business.  Individually, our expertise spans across a very diverse set of marketing skills – but collectively, we’re three like-minded partners committed to providing a more agile, more customized approach to the traditional agency experience.

Why start a blog?

Our company blog is meant to be a one-stop destination for all things Residual – company updates, sharing exciting news, or showcasing successful projects that exceeded our client’s expectations.  But more importantly, this blog will be our opportunity to share our learnings as we embark on this start-up journey, while giving you a preview of our weird interesting personalities.

What will we write about?

One of our founding principles is based on the concept of continuous learning.  Marketing tools and best practices are constantly changing, so our team is dedicated to reading articles, attending webinars, and just reaching out to our networks to learn about new technology to make us more effective, and in term, much more efficient.

We’re excited to use this blog to share those learnings with our audience, and to become your go-to resource for expanding your knowledge on all things marketing and creative.

We’re excited to get started.  Stay tuned for more blog posts to come!